intelligence-led policing examIntelligence-led Policing Exam.

Correct application of Intelligence-led Policing (ILP) will help law enforcement prevent crime and apprehend criminals. Questions about ILP are now common on promotion exams for sergeant, lieutenant and captain.

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What is the best textbook to study for your intelligence-led policing exam?

Intelligence-led policing - also called ILP - is such a new topic, there are very few police promotion textbooks dedicated solely to its study. ILP does appear as a chapter or a treatment in many other promotion textbooks that cover criminal investigation and supervision and management topics.

There is one textbook, now on its second edition as of 2016, that does stand out, and that one is described in detail below, Intelligence-led Policing by Jerry Ratcliffe.

My BEST piece of advice on this page? If you believe you are heading to sergeant or lieutenant, or to a detective division for assignment at any time in the future, especially if the assignment involves a promotional exam, you need to own and constantly read the material in the below textbook. ILP is a complicated topic, and it will benefit your career in the long run to keep refreshing your understanding of the professional knowledge.

ILP police detective examIntelligence-led Policing by Jerry H. Ratcliffe - I really like this book. I also really like the author's background. He is a Professor with the Department of Criminal Justice and Director of the Center for Security and Crime Science at Temple University, Philadelphia. He is a former police officer with London’s Metropolitan Police (UK) where he served for several years on patrol duties, in an intelligence and information unit, and as a member of the Diplomatic Protection Group. The intelligence-led policing exam from this textbook is usually paired with a criminal investigation textbook exam for police sergeant and lieutenant tests.

Ratcliffe's second edition includes new case studies and viewpoints, a revised crime funnel based on new data, and a new chapter examining the expanding role of technology and big data in intelligence-led policing. Ratcliffe builds upon an updated definition of intelligence-led policing as it has evolved into a framework capable of encompassing more operational police activity. Visit us for the Intelligence-led Policing exam, test questions, study guide and flashcards.

Reducing Crime - a Companion for Police Leaders - 1EReducing Crime - a Companion for Police Leaders - 1st Edition by Jerry Ratcliffe. This is a very detailed and well researched but easy to read treatment of modern crime control strategies surrounding the concept of Intelligence-led and evidence-based policing. Great choice for Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain and upper-management promotion exams. Visit us for the Reducing Crime - A Companion for Police Leaders 1st Edition exam, test questions, study guide and flashcards.

Promotional Exams for Reducing Crime - A Companion for Police Leaders and also Intelligence-led Policing - ILP - and many other textbooks can be taken by you to use as study material within the Advanced Police Promotional Testing Course at

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Some of the most important concepts you need to know about Intelligence-led Policing:

Having an in-depth knowledge of all these topics is crucial for promotion to Sgt. Lt. Captain or above, or for a career in criminal investigation. Also, each of these topics will branch off into very similar and related topics. Follow those branches!

Respond to this police detective, corporal, sergeant or lieutenant oral board question:


How would YOU describe your knowledge and experience in Intelligence-led policing?"


"I've read everything about the topic, especially the FBI's treatment on ILP in fusion centers and its application to terrorist investigations.

I pushed myself to learn all about this new method of crime prevention and investigation.

Most important, if ever time permitted, I always followed up and took an investigation as far as I could, a great many times making an arrest on a case that normally would have been turned over to a detective.

There is nothing I aspire to more than putting all these talents to work in our agency's detective division."


- ILP for firearms violence
- ILP national intelligence model
- criminal funnel
- crime triage
- tactical analysis
- the Camden NJ Study

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Intelligence-led Policing Test Questions that typically appear in Sgt. and Lt. promotion exams

Intelligence-led policing flashcards - Question 1:
Intelligence-led policing strives first and foremost to
A identify criminals
B reduce crime
C reduce recidivism

Intelligence-led policing flashcards - Question 2:
Intelligence-led policing employs a _________ management approach.
A top-down
B bottom-up
C team

Intelligence-led policing flashcards - Question 3:
While conceptualizing intelligence is a challenge for policing, the one thread
running through most definitions is that intelligence is
A data on crime and criminals
B predictive of future criminal behavior
C more than mere information

Intelligence-led policing flashcards - Question 4:
The most widely employed application of analysis to crime control is known as
A crime analysis
B spatial analysis
C tactical analysis
D none of the above

Intelligence-led policing flashcards - Question 5:
What type of crime prevention deals with the actual offenders, and involves intervening in their lives in a way that prevents them from committing further crimes?
A primary
B secondary
C tertiary
D none of the above

Intelligence-led policing flashcards - Question 6:
Don Weatherburn in 2004 identified five features of a rational approach to crime control. All five are listed below, not in order. Which one is essential as a first stage in determining whether policies are successful in combating crime?
A commitment to rigorous evaluation
B reliance on evidence in the development of policy
C a flexible and eclectic approach to control
D open access to crime and justice information
E adequate investment in measuring and monitoring