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Police Promotion Resume

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Your Police Promotion Resume

A well written and eye-catching Police Promotion Resume can open the door to a great career opportunity - or if poorly done, slam that door in your face.

What I created while I was a professional police resume writer was a cover letter and resume style that helped thousands of police officers across the nation get the promotion - it came to be known as the "business-quality marketing resume." And, of course, I made sure that it applied to all ranks, entry police officer, Detective, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Commander, Deputy or Assistant Chief and Chief of Police - all were able to use it successfully for their promotion.

This eBook is part of the Advanced Police Promotion Testing Course, and is © Copyrighted to me, Lt. Paul Patti (ret) of Police Career and Promotion Services, LLC.

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Police Promotion Resume SergeantHere are just a few of the Major Concepts Covered in this FREE eBook:

  • The resume "Basics" - They're Not As "Basic" As You Think!
  • What Is the Main Purpose of These "Marketing" Resumes? What do you want your resume to accomplish?
  • Do Not Try to Convince Them to Give You a Job. Instead, Pick A Battle You Can Win!
  • How to Appeal to the Supervisors and Managers of the Organization.
  • The 10 Deadly Errors that Will Send Your Cover Letter and Resume Right into the Garbage Can.
  • The 10 Specific Qualities That Your Resume Must Have To Get You Noticed, Get You the Interview and Most Important - Help You Pass the Interview!
  • The Correct Format For an Eye-Catching Business-Quality Marketing Resume

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Management and Administration Exams
Promotion Oral Boards (Detective, Corporal, Sergeant and above)
Promotion Assessment Centers (Sergeant and above)
Police Promotion In-Basket (Sergeant and above)

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police promotion resume lieutenantExcerpts from my Police Resume eBook:

After reading a few thousand resumes, throwing more than 90% of them directly into the garbage can next to my desk, I decided that it was time to do something.

I was working as a Police Lieutenant / Personnel Specialist with a medium-sized city on the southeast coast of Florida. Resumes and cover letters poured in every day - ten, sometimes twenty or more.

Almost all were the same. Most of them made the same mistakes - over and over. Many were unreadable.

Far from making me want / to interview their owners, most resumes made me want to forget I ever opened the envelope.

A few resumes - very few - were impressive enough to make me drop what I was doing and pick up the phone without delay.

Those few resumes screamed out the mandate that I needed to talk to their owners fast about interviewing and coming to work with our police department now.

What were the differences in the resumes? Was it just their appearance, or the descriptions they contain? How important was the cover letter? What were they doing to create a resume that was so impressive to make my drop everything and contact them?

What makes a personnel or Human Resources specialist pay close, rapt attention to one document and want to immediately shred the other, saving others from ever having to read it? The answer is in this book.

Make YOUR police resume stand out and get you the position!