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Here are the textbooks you should use to prepare for your promotion to corporal in a police or sheriff's department. Police promotion exams with up to 500+ questions from each of 100+ great textbooks are now available.

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What are the best textbooks to study to prepare for your police corporal exam?

Which book your agency chooses depends on whether you are working for a large agency (150+ sworn) or a medium agency (50 - 150 sworn) or a small agency (under 50 sworn) or a very small agency (10 officers or fewer). You will also need to use your judgment and knowledge of how the rank of corporal is considered and structured in your specific agency; is it considered strictly a supervisory rank, or if in a very small agency, say 10 officers or less, as mid-manager?

Here is a list of 3 supervision textbooks which typically appear on a police promotion exam for the rank of Corporal. After each title is the number of questions we have available in our testing center.

Basic Handbook of Police Supervision 240+ questions
Common Sense Police Supervision 330+ questions
High-Risk Patrol - 360+ questions

Promotional Exams for any or all of the great textbooks listed on this page can be taken by you to use as study material within the Advanced Police Promotional Testing Course at PoliceCareer.com. You can also practice with a sample police in-basket assessment.

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Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

In my own career I rose to the rank of lieutenant in a medium size agency with just under 100 officers. While lieutenant is normally not considered upper management or executive rank, lieutenant in our agency became the third in command because of a flattened organizational structure. We had eliminated the ranks of captain and major and expanded the pay and duties of lieutenants, and cut the executive rank structure to be only one deputy chief and a chief of police. A second deputy chief, technically a major's rank and position, was also eliminated. So, I was in a special spot - as the senior lieutenant - I still was a division commander, but in the absence of the deputy chief or chief or both, as the senior lieutenant I was expected to fill in as acting deputy chief and even acting chief of police, which I did on numerous occasions.

There are 5 supervision textbooks that clearly stand above the rest, all of which I have written numerous exams from for the ranks of both corporal and sergeant. Any of them can be used in a small, medium or large agency, since they each contain a comprehensive summary of supervisory, management, administration and leadership principles.

Also, besides those below, you should consider adding books to your police promotion reading list that cover the areas of COP/POP, Criminal Investigation, Leadership, Intelligence-led Policing, Ethics and also national and state legal titles.

My BEST piece of advice on this page? If you believe you are heading to a corporal promotion exam any time in the future, you need to own and constantly read the material in the below 7 textbooks. They are listed below not in any particular order.

Basic Handbook of Police SupervisionBasic Handbook of Police Supervision: A Practical Guide for Law Enforcement Supervisors - Gerald W. Garner. Now in its 2nd Edition. From me; This is an excellent textbook to use for a police corporal exam in any agency, or police sergeant exam for small to medium agencies. It does what its title implies- it covers all the basics. It sticks to the theme of basic, common-sense and tried-and-true supervisory methods, not delving too deeply into theory or covering advanced supervisory practices. From the publisher: This handbook provides reliable guidance on what to do next and offers practical, no-frills advice about what to do to counter the day-to-day challenges and outright calamities that make up the first-line leader's work life. Perhaps even more important, it offers time-proven recommendations on how to prevent a bothersome situation from escalating into crisis proportions in the first place. It will prove equally useful to the veteran, novice or future law enforcement supervisor. Its sound advice will help him retain his emotional as well as physical and moral health in a real-world environment that seems to become more challenging every day. It will help him to lead and bring his people to share his practices and beliefs in doing a very critical job the right way. Basic Hanbook of Police Supervision exam, test questions, study guide and flashcards

Common Sense Police Supervision 6the editionCommon Sense Police Supervision: Practical Tips for the First-Line Leader - Gerald W. Garner. This is an excellent textbook to use for a police corporal exam.  From me; I like this book a lot for new supervisors. It is very well written, and in plain language. I have written many corporal and corporal exams using this textbook going back to its very first edition. It covers all the material a new supervisory needs, and gives them a good outlook on what lies ahead - such as all their former comrades pushing their limits and stopping conversations mid-sentence when you walk into the briefing room.
From the publisher; The purpose of this sixth edition is to stimulate the veteran, novice, or would-be police supervisor to utilize his or her most powerful tool, common sense, in carrying out the duties of an effective leader. Made up of life experience, good judgment, prudence, and a well-developed ability for solid reasoning and logical decision making, common sense will guide the intelligent supervisor in finding effective solutions to most of the problems he or she will encounter while leading police personnel. Visit us for the Common Sense Police Supervision exam, test questions, study guide and flashcards.

Rising Through The RanksRising Through The Ranks - Leadership Tools and Techniques for Law Enforcement. From the Author and Publisher: Effective leadership is a journey, not a destination. Rising through the Ranks will be the starting point in that journey for thousands of men and women in law enforcement. Telling real stories of leadership and courage from police departments and investigative agencies, former DEA Leadership Fellow and Pittsfield, Massachusetts Police Chief Mike Wynn is the perfect author. As the only book of its kind, Rising through the Ranks will prepare effective leaders from local police officers to federal agents. From me: This is a short but very descriptive and hard-hitting book on leadership and courage in the face of adversity. Very good choice for promotion "through the ranks" from corporal through captain. Rising Through the Ranks promotion exam, test questions, study guide and flashcards.

Emotional Survival for Law EnforcementEmotional Survival for Law Enforcement - A Guide for Officers and Their Families - 1st Edition and 2021 Update - From me: This excellent textbook is often used in police corporal, sergeant and lieutenant exams. This title should be required reading in all law enforcement agencies and in all police academies, with copies for each police family member. From the publisher; Dr. Gilmartin is a behavioral scientist who specializes in issues related to law enforcement. With twenty years of police experience under his belt, he currently provides service to the law enforcement community as a consultant. In writing this book, it was his goal to aid officers and their families in maintaining and/or improving their quality of life both personally and professionally. Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement exam, test questions, study guide and flashcards.

police corporal exams supervisionEffective Supervisory Practices - Better Results Through Teamwork - 5th Edition - ICMA Press  - From me; I like this book a lot for new supervisors, although it is not written specifically for law enforcement or by law enforcement professionals. Instead, it is written for government workers to include law enforcement, fire service, and all other municipal and county departments. It is well written, in plain language, with a lot of illustrations. It covers all the material a new supervisory needs, in a simple to follow and understand format. It places a heavy emphasis on customer service and problem solving in the workplace.
From the publisher; ICMA’s newest edition of its best-selling Effective Supervisory Practices: Better Results through Teamwork gives today’s managers and supervisors a powerful tool for understanding the many dimensions of the supervisory role and their impact on helping to improve productivity, implement quality management, and build an effective work team. Visit us for the Effective Supervisory Practices exam, test questions, study guide and flashcards.

police corporal exam questionsIntroduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice - by Hess, Orthmann and Cho. From me; This is a 600+ page work which covers all law enforcement topics and is a popular choice for police corporal and corporal exams. Very thorough, very well written, and very well organized. EVERYTHING is covered, and in good detail. It is a lot to take in, and it may be viewed unusual to assign this book along with others to also study for a corporal promotion. Usually, agency clients can eliminate the chapters on courts and corrections, bringing the study material down to "only" 500 pages.
From the publisher; Fully updated to reflect the latest changes in the field, this new edition provides comprehensive, practical coverage of both law enforcement and the criminal justice system as a whole (including courts, corrections, and juvenile justice) in one convenient volume. Acclaimed for its uniquely accessible writing style, many real-world examples, and its realistic and relevant "boots on the street" perspective, this new edition is packed with up-to-date information on today's hottest topics. These include the numerous ways technology is changing the day-to-day operations of policing; the recommendations of the President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing, including the need to improve trust and legitimacy with the public and a shift to a guardian mindset; the law enforcement response to new terrorism threats such as ISIS and homegrown violent extremists, the consequences of Brady-Giglio violations, and more. Visit us for the Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice exam, test questions, study guide and flashcards.

police cpl supervision examEffective Police Supervision - More and Miller - now in its 9th edition. From me; Excellent, comprehensive textbook. This exhaustive 500+ page work covers it all. I know many agencies (especially medium to large agencies) that choose it for Lt as well as Sgt and Cpl promotion examinations.
From the publisher; Outstanding first-line supervisors are essential to the success of any law enforcement agency, yet many officers lack the supervision training necessary to excel. Effective Police Supervision immerses readers in the group behaviors and organizational dynamics supervisors must master in order to lead their teams and to help create an effective police department. Combining behavioral theory and updated case studies, this core text, now in its eighth edition, is a vital tool for all police officers preparing for promotional exams. Visit us for the Effective Police Supervision exam, test questions, study guide and flashcards.

Police Field Operations Theory Meets PracticePolice Field Operations Theory Meets Practice - From the publisher; This book is a comprehensive, readable text that presents a practical look at police field operations and is designed to be used in one-semester courses on police operations or patrol procedures. Chapters have been designed to be independent units that can be taught individually, but also build upon each other to provide a complete picture of police operations. The text covers all major areas of police operations including patrolling, investigations, crime mapping, community policing, hot pursuit issues, communications, gangs and drugs, and more. Discussions focus on issues and challenges that police officers face on the job and help students bridge the gap between theory and practice. Visit us for the Police Field Operations Theory Meets Practice exam, test questions, study guide and flashcards.

Promotional Exams for any or all of these great textbooks can be taken by you to use as study material within the Advanced Police Promotional Testing Course at PoliceCareer.com. You can also practice with a police sample in-basket assessment.

Are YOU prepared to respond to these police corporal oral board questions?


"How would YOU describe your knowledge and of police supervision and leadership?"

"How have you, or will you, apply this knowledge?"

"What do you feel MOST qualifies you to be promoted into this entry-level department supervisory and leadership position?"

"This supervisory position is all about community and leadership. You are leading a team of department community police officers, reporting directly to a sergeant. Describe in detail your own philosophy of community and problem oriented policing, and how you are prepared to provide leadership in these areas on day one in your new rank."



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The #1 BEST WAY to Prepare for Police Promotion Exams? Study the Textbooks!
Patrol and Field Operations
Criminal Investigation
Community and Problem-oriented Policing - POP/COP
Police Ethics
Intelligence-Led Policing
Police Legal Textbooks - Law Officer's Pocket Manual and others
Police Leadership
Police Special Topics and Titles, such as below;
National Incident Management System
President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing
Performance-based Management

Police Report Writing
Multicultural Law Enforcement
Why Law Enforcement Organizations Fail

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Police Corporal Promotion Test Questions

Police Corporal Exam Question 1
The Supervisory Function "Assessment" comes under which of the 5 Supervisory Skill Areas?
(A) Leadership
(B) Knowledge
(C) Community
(D) Human
(E) Conceptual

Police Corporal Exam Question 2
Successfully leading change at any level of the organization is the result of
A innate behavior
B learned behavior
C organizational motivators
D political mandates

Police Corporal Exam Question 3
Outstanding supervisors have a significant attribute that distinguishes them - it is
(A) leadership ability
(B) the facility to communicate effectively
(C) the ability to carry out orders
(D) the desire to motivate

Police Corporal Exam Question 4
The study and theory by Herzberg that concerns "What do people want from their job?" is called
(A) happiness - productivity theory
(B) motivation - hygiene theory
(C) social - work theory
(D) satisfaction - productivity theory

Police Corporal Exam Question 5
Regarding significant beliefs within the police culture, police believe that the war against crime can only be won by
(A) making the rules
(B) ignoring the rules
(C) following the rules
(D) giving them a great deal of discretion

Police Corporal Exam Question 6
Supervisors should especially be aware of the theory of __________, which addresses in particular the needs of adult learners.
(A) argotsy
(B) epistemology
(C) endocrinology
(D) andragogy

Police Corporal Exam Question 7
Of the three styles of counseling listed below, which one has the disadvantage of taking too much time for some situations?
(A) Combined
(B) Directive
(C) Nondirective
(D) none of the above