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Here is a FREE police entrance exam you can take to determine your suitability for law enforcement.

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There is a very interesting and informative self-scoring police entrance exam and assessment called POAJS - Police Officer Attitude, Judgment and Suitability. It or an exam like it has also often been used in police academy interview questions for persons eligible for open-enrollment in the academy.

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The purpose of POAJS is as a simple "pre-screen" for a police applicant to get to know whether or not they should consider themselves as suitable for law enforcement employment. It freely lets a police applicant know what traits, attitudes and opinions are generally thought to be suitable for law enforcement employment and which are not.

Applicants self-score and determine for themselves if they are suitable. You will understand which traits and attitudes the law enforcement profession requires, and you may be able to consciously learn to adjust these traits. Or, you may come to the realization that you don't want to change, and therefore the police profession is not for you.

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POAJS came into use because it will give a police applicant like you an up-front idea of what law enforcement agencies are looking for in a candidate, and if you really want to go through the application and training process. The police department does not see the score or use the information. It is strictly to give you an idea on whether or not you are suitable for the law enforcement profession.

The purpose behind POAJS was that if a police entry candidate takes the exam and scores it and thinks seriously about what POAJS is telling them, and decides to back away from police employment, then time and energy and cost has been saved and a bad hiring decision is avoided.

Many more people will apply for law enforcement positions than can be processed. Many of those people who are processed will be eliminated. Many will also be eliminated at or after the end of the process because they changed their mind and decided that in fact police employment was not for them.

police officer test questions and answersThe money and time spent each year processing applicants who are not suitable for law enforcement or who change their minds is considerable. POAJS saves agency employment resources and improves the percentage of successful law enforcement professionals who will enter the profession - that is what made POAJS a successful self-scoring, simple police entrance exam.

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