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The special depth of knowledge and technical expertise needed to be proficient in Police Patrol and Field Operations means that police promotional exams and assessments for this topic are the toughest corporal and sergeant exams out there.

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Rising Through the Ranks 1E by Mike Wynn - just posted 180+ question exam
Criminal Investigation by Steven Brandl - new 5th Edition
Reducing Crime 1E by Ratcliffe
Leading Cops in Turbulent Times by George Saadeh
Leading Cops by Gerald Garner
Fixing Broken Windows - Kelling and Coles 1st Edition
Police Operations Theory and Practice 6th Edition
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Police Field Operations - Thomas Adams

What are the best textbooks to study for your police patrol field operations exam?

Police Patrol and Field Operations is such a technology-dependent and progress-intensive topic in law enforcement today that the body if knowledge is constantly changing, and the textbooks and the promotion exams and test questions from those textbooks MUST be constantly updated.

Promotional Exams for any or all of the great textbooks listed on this page can be taken by you to use as study material within the Advanced Police Promotional Testing Course at PoliceCareer.com. You can also practice with a sample police in-basket assessment.

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Supervising Police Personnel - Strengths-Based Leadership

Then there is the immense VOLUME of information in Police Patrol and Field Operations, more than almost any other police promotion topic (other than Criminal Investigation). These are large textbooks, many of them over 300 or 400 pages. I often have to write over 300 - 500 questions just to touch on all the important concepts in the textbook.

My BEST piece of advice on this page? If you believe you are heading to a patrol supervisor assignment at any time in the future, especially if the assignment involves a promotional exam, you need to own and constantly read the material in the below 6 textbooks. The current edition of each of these 6 textbooks represent nearly a total body of professional knowledge on the topic of police patrol and field operations.

There have been dozens of books written about Police Patrol and Field Operations standards and techniques, but my 6 favorite ones (not in any order) are;

police detective field operations examPolice Field Operations - Thomas Adams - now in its 8th edition. From me; The granddaddy of all Police Patrol and Field Operations textbooks. I have been writing exams since the very first edition (1986?) Excellent, comprehensive textbook which has a ton of quality information covering Police Patrol and Field Operations.
From the publisher; The result of over two years of revisions, Police Field Operations, Eighth Edition brings this essential text up to date with the most recent developments in police practices and procedures. For years, Adams has served as the textbook standard for police departments and academies and academic programs across the country. Written from the perspective of a working police officer, the text presents the real-life scenarios an officer is likely to encounter while on-duty. It focuses on community policing, details how and why certain procedures are used, and provides instructional techniques from leading police academies. Visit us for the Police Field Operations exam, test questions, study guide and flashcards.

Police Field Operations exam for detective testEffective Police Supervision - More and Miller - now in its 9th edition. From me; Excellent, comprehensive 500+ page textbook which has a ton of quality information covering Police Patrol and Field Operations. From the publisher; Outstanding first-line supervisors are essential to the success of any law enforcement agency, yet many officers lack the supervision training necessary to excel. Effective Police Supervision immerses readers in the group behaviors and organizational dynamics supervisors must master in order to lead their teams and to help create an effective police department. Combining behavioral theory and updated case studies, this core text, now in its eighth edition, is a vital tool for all police officers preparing for promotional exams. Visit us for the Effective Police Supervision exam, test questions, study guide and flashcards.

Police Field Operations Theory Meets PracticePolice Field Operations Theory Meets Practice - From the publisher; This book is a comprehensive, readable text that presents a practical look at police field operations and is designed to be used in one-semester courses on police operations or patrol procedures. Chapters have been designed to be independent units that can be taught individually, but also build upon each other to provide a complete picture of police operations. The text covers all major areas of police operations including patrolling, investigations, crime mapping, community policing, hot pursuit issues, communications, gangs and drugs, and more. Discussions focus on issues and challenges that police officers face on the job and help students bridge the gap between theory and practice. Visit us for the Police Field Operations Theory Meets Practice exam, test questions, study guide and flashcards.

police patrol  lt exam textbookPolice Patrol Operations and Management - Hale - From me; The Police Patrol Operations and Management Study Guide along with its police promotion exam is one of our most requested items, and in fact we have a short version exam online with flashcards you can take free of charge as a sample.

Don't be afraid of the word "management" in the title. This book covers every aspect of becoming an outstanding supervisor in patrol. Since most new police promotions to corporal and sergeant first wind up in patrol, I see this book a lot for promotional exams. It is a good, solid choice that is an excellent foundation for advanced knowledge in patrol and field operations.

From the publisher; Based upon a practical application of theory with the “how-to” of “real world” policing, Police Patrol Operations and Management details the core functions of a police agency—covering patrol operations, goals, and strategies. It combines management theory with case study examples taken from small police departments. KEY TOPICS Specific chapter topics discuss police patrol hazards, community-oriented policing, patrol force staffing and deployment, special issues in patrol operations, and upgrading patrol effectiveness. For police practitioners, field supervisors, and middle managers. Visit us for the Police Patrol Operations and Management exam, test questions, study guide and flashcards. Visit us for the Police Patrol Operations and Management study guide and the online promotion exam and  flashcards.

sergeant promotion test field operationsLaw Officer's Pocket Manual - from BNA Books.  Available in yearly editions which usually publish in October or November for the upcoming year. From me; This is one of our attorney-written legal exam titles, but I feel it is essential that I mention it here. There are hundreds of legal concepts covered in this handbook, all of them applied every day around the country in police patrol and field operations. This textbook is used extensively in promotion exams for corporal and sergeant. I honestly feel certain in this recommendation: Every officer, every year, should be tested on the material covered in each new edition of this great legal guide for police.
From the publisher; Never before have greater—or more conflicting— demands been placed on those who serve, as well as those who train in law enforcement. The recent fiscal crises, coupled with an increased need for homeland security, have seriously complicated how police officers perform their duties, and made the consequences for errors in police performance more severe for both the officers involved and their superiors. Factor in the danger and stress police officers like you face in your daily work, and your decisions in even the most common of situations become a challenge. Regardless of the adversity you face, however, you are still required to think quickly, respond appropriately, and know the law.

The Pocket Manual highlights basic rules for quick reference and offers examples showing how rules are applied and concise guidance based on U.S. Supreme Court rulings on constitutional law issues and other legal developments, covering arrest, search, surveillance, and other routine, as well as sensitive, areas of law enforcement. Visit us for the Law Officer's Pocket Manual exam, test questions, study guide and flashcards.

report writing in law enforcement writtent exam questionsFor the Record: Report Writing in Law Enforcement - Hess and Orthmann. - From me; What do law enforcement officers in patrol and field operations do about 30% of the time? Write reports - lots of them, and all types of reports. That is why I often recommend this title for police corporal exams, if the new corporal is headed to either patrol or Criminal Investigations, which most of them are. I consider it the only really good police report writing book out there.

From the publisher;
For the Record: Report Writing in Law Enforcement offers guidelines for writing at all levels of law enforcement. The book gives practical guidelines for producing professional reports that reflect positively on the writer. It is designed to be equally effective for individual study by working law enforcement officers or course work by police science students. It is easy to use. The book is laid out in a logical sequence to assist the new report writer in grasping the complexities of police reports and the exercises used in the book emphasize simplicity and proper English grammar. A must book for anyone who is a cop or is contemplating a career as a law enforcement officer. Visit us for the For the Record: Report Writing in Law Enforcement exam, test questions, study guide and flashcards.

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National Incident Management System
President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing
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Police Report Writing
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Why Law Enforcement Organizations Fail

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Police Patrol and Field Operations Test Questions from Corporal and Sergeant promotion exams

There are three basic objectives of every interview or interrogation - check below all that apply:
A seek the truth
B rule in or rule out the person as a suspect or person of interest
C proceed according to a well-thought-out plan
D distinguish facts from fantasy
E obtain all secondary background information and data quickly, without fanfare
F seek complete and accurate information
G make the other person trust you as much as possible
H maintain your personal detachment and impartiality

There is a __________ exception to the reasonable suspicion requirement that would permit an officer to immediately stop and frisk someone solely on the basis of an anonymous tip.
A firearms
B narcotics
C shoplifting
D terrorism
E none of the above 

An "alert" by a drug detection canine provides ______________ to believe the area to which the dog alerted contains illegal drugs.
A mere suspicion
B reasonable suspicion
C reliable evidence
D probable cause

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